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​Charity and Cultural Event Organization

Ginger Soul

Charity and Cultural Event Organization

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Association ”Ginger Soul”
Registration Nr. 40008204962

Address: Valentīna Pikuļa aleja 14-4, LV-1016
IBAN: LV88HABA0551046279946


We conduct various educational projects, such as courses, webinars, marathons, lectures, and intensive courses on various topics, and we also have author's courses and consultations. We cooperate with several companies in different areas, such as Music and Health.

Our goal is to share knowledge and experience in order to improve people's lives and the world around us.

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We create numerous educational courses, marathons, and webinars on the areas of health, self-development, ancestral programming, psychosomatics, relationships, and much more in collaboration with the "Akvilon" International Academy of Professional Healing.

We create courses and marathons at the request of the audience.

Webinars are held once a month in the Russian and Latvian languages. Part of the payment for participation is directed to charity.

In collaboration with an Italian music publishing company - PA74 Music, we have created courses in music business and artistry. The course takes place individually or in small groups of 3-5 people.

The course "Music Business from the Inside" takes place in Italian or English.

This is the author's course with Alessandro Porcella.

On request, this course can be taught in Russian. Course facilitators Victoria Moro and

Alessandro Porcella.

The course "How to Become an Artist-Thinking, Stage Image, and Idea" is the author's course from Victoria Moro.

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Alessandro Porcella

Iveta Cevere

Daria Veter

Victoria Moro

CEO Ginger Soul.



Producer, Presenter, A&R, Event & Project Manager. Lecturer in International Academy of Professional Healing "Akvilona". Intuitive Healer, Bioenergetic, Energy Practitioner, Psycho-Information Specialist, Expert in Creating Music for Meditation, Transformational Trainer.

Project Manager Akvilona. (LV)


Healer, Psycho-Information Specialist, educator, lecturer, psychic, expert of ancestral programs, expert in the Akashic records.

CEO SOUL-Yoga Studio.



Yoga teacher, Women Treiner, Certified Master of the Leela Chakra Transformation Game, Leading Osho Meditations and Spontaneous Dance.

CEO PA74 Music.



Producer, Musician, Composer, Arranger, Festivals Art Director, Music Publisher and Head Jury of "Videofestival Live" in Italy, Music Business Teacher, Music Consultant. 

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