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Association ”Ginger Soul”
Registration Nr. 40008204962

Address: Valentīna Pikuļa aleja 14-4, LV-1016
IBAN: LV88HABA0551046279946

“Videofestival Live International 2022-2023”.


Videofestival Live is one of the biggest Italian Music Festivals. It was created in Italy, 25 year ago, by the Event Organiser Gianni Lardera.

With the high quality of the artists’ performances at the festival, the event coordinators continue their professional mission in Italy. Since 2015, Videofestival Live has expanded the promotion of Italian music in other countries, encouraging Italian artists with their music and culture all over the world. 

Every year, thousands of artists from all parts of Italy participate in various castings of the Videofestival Live.


In 2015, for the first time in its history the festival went abroad with an event in Switzerland.


In 2016, the festival visited London as a guest at "Mau Mau Bar", as well as an invitee on the Italian radio station "London One Radio".


In 2017 Videofestival Live has performed in Jurmala within the “Days of Jomas Street” as special guests on the big stage together with “Tango Night”.


In 2018, for the first time ever on the Origo Summer Stage, a full festival show took place. It was brought to the public together with special guests from all over Europe (Switzerland, Norway, Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Italy). The winners and finalists of Videofestival 2018 performed in the concert, as well as the winners and finalists of the former festivals. Artists have performed their own songs, as well as covers of popular songs in the Italian and English languages.


In March 2019, for the first time, a vocal competition was organized in Riga, the main goal of which was to search for new talents and provide performances at various venues. The Grand Prix was a fully paid trip to Italy to the final of the Videofestival Live competition.


In July 2019, a promo tour concert was held in the cities of Bulgaria. Concerts took place on central stages in five different cities. We performed at Italian culture days in Burgas, at Velingrad city day celebrations, at the Roman stadium in Plovdiv, and a separate big concert was held in the cities of Kotel and Pestera. Professional Italian performers, as well as the Videofestival Live finalists, attended the show.


In August 2019, in Riga at the Origo Summer Stage, we were creating a 2.5-hour long show with Italian and international artists. The concert was attended by professional artists of the Italian label Pa74music from Germany, Ukraine, and Italy, together with finalists and winners of the vocal competition Videofestival Live International from Riga and Daugavpils.


In March 2020, in Estonia (Tallinn), was planned a vocal competition, the purpose of which was to search for new talents and provide performances at various venues in Europe. After the contest, the winners could perform in a gala concert together with artists from Ukraine, Italy, and Latvia. Unfortunately, with the pandemic situation a week before the event, everything was canceled.


Friendship, respect, and passion for music and art—this is our formula for keeping high quality and achieving better results for Videofestival Live.


Rules & Regulations


Our Mission.

• Discovering new artists for Music Publishing, Labels, PR & Manager.

• Assisting talented artists in being discovered and promoted.

• Bringing together creative people from countries all around the world and giving them an opportunity to familiarise themselves with Italian culture.

• Attracting media, government, and commercial attention to children's creativity and the works of young performers.


Opportunities (participation bonuses).

• The opportunity to take part in the "Videofestival Live" in Italy.

• Entering into an agreement with an Italian music publishing company.

• Signing a contract for distributing music via digital stores.

• Offering the chance to perform at various international festivals.

• Participation in the concert activities of the Italian project.

• Participation in master classes.

• Discuss future promotion recommendations with music producers from Italy, Norway, Latvia, and other countries. 

• New contacts, new possibilities.

Everyone who passes to the third round will have some recommendations and feedback about their performance from the jury. 



The jury is made up of professional and highly qualified specialists within the music industry: producers, managers, composers, and artists from various countries. 


Alessandro Porcella (IT) - CEO of the PA74 Music Publishing Company & Label, music director of the festival, and a professional musician, producer, arranger, and composer who writes soundtracks for films, animated series, television programs, television series, and video games for Universal, 20th Century Fox, Disney Channel, and other world famous labels in Hollywood and beyond. His music has received such awards as the Los Angeles Music Award, the Akademia Music Award Hollywood, the Biennale di Venezia, and the Triennale di Milano, as well as other awards. Videofestival Live (Italy) and Videofestival Live International artistic director and jury chair.


Victoria Moro (NO) - CEO of a charity organization (Ginger Soul), producer, project manager, organiser, music show host, presenter, songwriter, rock singer, A&R manager of PA74 Music Publishing Company. Videofestival Live International's creator. Organizer of Videofestival Live and PA74 Music concerts in Europe. Higher education in the fields of music business and cultural management.


Master Classes.

Master Classes will be available once a month for every participant.

A Masterclass could be about the music business, music promotion, strategies, staging, vocal training for performance, concentration and relaxation, and other themes.



The festival is open to talented people of any nationality, regardless of age. Solo artists, duets, trios, bands, and collectives can take part in the festival. Limited-ability and disabled participants are welcome. Participants can perform with either one or two songs. (There must be a separate application and cost for each song).



All genres are accepted: covers, original songs, and instrumental music.


Stages and Rounds.

First-Round: Everyone who wants to participate needs to fill out an application and pay participation fees of 15, 20, or 30 euros depending on the number of participants. Every participant is required to send a link (Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc..) with one track either in an audio format (mp3 or wav) or a Youtube Link (Official music video or a live video performance. It can even just be a video taken with your phone).


Everyone selected by the jury will pass to the second round. Results will be approximately 45 days after the beginning of the first selection (all information about selection days can be found below). Notice about the results will be by mail, or by WhatsApp or Telegram.


Second-Round: Everyone who will be chosen for the second round needs to pay a participation fee of 5 euros. The selection will take place in the format of an online meeting with the jury. 


Live performance in Zoom (can be done from home, a music studio, a music class, or anywhere). Everyone performs in front of a jury and can get feedback and recommendations.


Results will be approximately 3 weeks after the second round starts (all information about selection days can be found below). Notice about the results will be by mail, or by WhatsApp or Telegram.


Third-Round: For the third round, 20 people will be chosen, who will be randomly divided into 4 groups of 5 people. Once a week (for four weeks), there will be a live broadcast on social networks and on YouTube, where participants will perform online in front of a jury from different countries. Everyone will be able to hear the recommendations and get feedback from the jury. One person will be selected from a group of five. As a result of the final selection, four people will be selected who will go to the final, which will take place in February 2023.


Results will be approximately 4 weeks after the third round starts (all information about selection days can be found below). Notice about the results will be by mail, or by WhatsApp or Telegram.


The festival will have five stages of the selection, each of which will have three rounds. In that case, everyone who did not pass the selection and did not make it to the final can get an additional chance to participate and apply for the next stage of the selection, already taking into account the recommendations of the jury and improving the quality of their performance. Applications for participation will be accepted from May 26th, 2022, to October 31st, 2022. As a result of five stages of the selection, 20 people will go to the final, including four participants from each selection.


The Final will be held in February 2023 (all information about selection days can be found below). The format of the final will be an internet live streaming show that will be broadcast on social media platforms as well as YouTube. The jury will select the top three from a total of 20 contestants. As a result, the first, second, and third places will be awarded.



All participants in the festival will receive diplomas. Any of the participants can receive a sympathy prize from the jury or be invited guests at the festival.


Special Award Original Song/ Instrumental Music.


PA74 Music: An Italian music publishing company and a label will sign a music publishing contract with the best festival participants presenting their own written songs or music, as well as Sync representation for movies, TV series, TV shows, video games, and advertising. An opportunity to organize a live streaming show and interview.


Third place: video meeting with an Italian producer to discuss your music and create a plan for its development. Creating a press kit. Free participation in the next "Videofestival Live International 2023" online or live in any country. 


Second place: course about "Music Business" (4 lessons) and a course about "How to Become an Artist: Style, Idea, Way of Thinking” (4 lessons). Video meeting with an Italian producer to discuss your music and create a plan for its development. Interview for the live streaming program "Release of the Day”.


First place: free participation in the pre-finals of Videofestival Live in Italy (2023) without having to go through the qualifying selections; one day of hotel accommodation during the festival in the same place where the jury and special guests of the festival are staying; the opportunity to meet and chat with the jury; and attend master classes. Course about "Music Business" (4 lessons) and a course about "How to Become an Artist: Style, Idea, Way of Thinking" (4 lessons), plus a bonus lesson about "Self-Development and Breathing/Meditation”. Video meeting with an Italian producer to discuss your music and create a plan for its development. Interview for the live streaming program "Release of the Day". 



*Every artist that starts cooperation with PA74Music will get an opportunity to be informed about and invited to the concerts and festivals organised by the label. 


Winners Announcement.

Everyone who advances to the next round will get the results of the qualifying rounds through email or WhatsApp/Telegram. The jury will decide and announce the winners on the day of the final, following the conclusion of the live streaming show.

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Qualifying round dates.​

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*For various reasons, the dates may change. Information about the changes will be published in advance.​

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*For various reasons, the dates may change. Information about the changes will be published in advance.


**A few weeks before the event, the exact time will be published.


Participants will be notified of any program changes by email or WhatsApp/Telegram.

Technical Requirement.


First-Round: Every participant can send a link (Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.) with one track in audio (mp3 or wav) or a Youtube link (Official Videoclip, Live video performance, it can even be just a video taken with your phone!).


Second-Round: Everyone who passes to the second round needs to have the application Zoom on their phone or computer for live performance (which can be done from home, a music studio, a music class, or anywhere).


Third Round and Final: For multi-streaming events, for better quality, it's important to have an audio interface (maybe a mixer), a good quality camera, microphone, and personal instrument; if you know how to use a streaming program on your computer, and you know how to use virtual cable, you don't need a mixer. If you have all of the necessary equipment, you can plan a performance from a recording or music studio or from your own house.


A Zoom conference will be held before the start of the third round, when it will be discussed in further depth how to prepare for participation in the third round and final.



There will be an application form on the https://gingersoul.me/vfl-international website. It will need to be filled out and sent. You must send a receipt of the application registration payment to vflive.int@gmail.com (a screenshot from your phone or PC is acceptable).After the application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation via email or WhatsApp/Telegram. 

If after a week from applying for participation, you have not received any response, please contact us by WhatsApp (+4796729779 Victoria Moro).


Fees and Payment. 


Application registration and first round participation:


€15,00 (Solo Artists) - €20,00 (Duet & Trio) - €30,00 (Bands & Collective)


Second Round (For the all Artists who passed the first selection) €5,00


No additional fees are required.


In the case of a participant not being able to attend the festival after having paid the fee, the money will not be refunded. 


Half of the money earned is donated to Ginger Soul, a charity that helps children and adults with special needs. Our main purpose is to assist individuals who are in need.


Bank details. Payment Details. 

Company info
Association ”Ginger Soul” 

Registration Nr. 40008204962 

Address: Valentīna Pikuļa aleja 14-4, LV-1016 

IBAN: LV88HABA0551046279946 

In description you need to write name/surname or artistic name. 



e-mail: gingersoul.gs@gmail.com


Festival details are subject to changes. 

Further information: Any questions regarding participation should be addressed to 

vflive.int@gmail.com or +4796729779 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Face Time), 

Skype - darkskich

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